Wordless Wedensday


Galway in winter

Two people kayaking in Galway bay

Earlier this month we took a trip to Ireland with my mother to show her the country and introduce her to my man’s family. The country decided to show itself from a very good side for some of the time, but as it was the start of November it was a bit of wind, rain and hail along the sunshine.

River Corrib

We spent a few days in the west of the country and enjoyed the lovely town of Galway and surrounding areas. We did a bit of looking around, ate good food and went to quite a few good pubs.

One of the nice pubs we visited in Galway.

We had a very good time and enjoyed ourself a lot. 

Beef and Guinness stew

Great Weekend and Ireland Again!

This extended weekend I’ve had after my last day at work, has been really good. Thursday we went for dinner at my parents and started the long overdue process of defrosting the freezer. Friday I treated myself to a massage and after that we headed for the summer-house to fix a little problem with the roof so that it will stay dry inside for the winter. We stayed till yesterday evening and enjoyed the lovely autumn weather we were getting.

Lovely October morning!

Lovely October morning!

And since I decided to have some time off to regroup between jobs, I found the time to go for a quick visit to Ireland! I’m leaving Tuesday morning and will go back saturday morning to get ready for work the following monday. But a short visit is much better than no visit.

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And last, but not least I visited Ireland earlier this year as well Easter in Ireland:

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Easter in Ireland Part 3: Galway

Salmon wier

Salmon weir

I decided to have a day all to myself in Galway, to do a bit of shopping, looking around and enjoying life in general. Even if the weather was overcast it was a warm day and very good shopping weather. I clearly was not the only one who had come up with this idea, because the streets was filled with people.

Galway food festival

Galway food festival

There was a food festival on in town all easter and you could find trucks and tents serving good food that you wouldn’t normally find everywhere. It was very packed so I didn’t try to much, but it was nice to stroll down and have a look.



I found most of what I wanted in the shops around, but after a while I felt a bit claustrophobic with all the people in the streets and in the shops, so I went over to Eyre Square to st down with a coffee and enjoy some space and the warm day.

Eyre Square

Eyre Square

Because there wasn’t too much sun the park was luckily not overcrowded and I got to have a seat on a nice bench where I coud read my book and drink my coffee.


When I headed back to Tuam to enjoy a nice dinner and a night out with friends, I was very happy with my me-day spent in Galway! And I was very happy with the things I got when out shopping. The only thing I did not find that was on my list was a new spring jacket. But I guess I’ll just have to keep looking 😉

Holiday to Ireland part 1: Galway

Went for a holiday to Ireland and just got back. The trip was amazing 🙂 I met a lot of friendly people, had tons of fun, shopped a little and got to se some beautiful places One of the places I went to was Galway. First day the weather was overcast and there was a bit of rain, but being Norwegian I did not mind. Went for a lovely boat trip with the Corrib Princess.

View from the Corrib Princess

View from the Corrib Princess

The next day the weather was much better andGalway was showing us her best side.

Streets of Galway

Streets of Galway

Latin quarter

Latin quarter


Spanish Arch

Houses of Galway

Houses of Galway


Coast of Galway

We also went to enjoy the sunshine at a beautiful beach right outside of Galway city centre, Silver Strand.


Silver Strand

Galway is a city with a lot of students and is also famous for it’s nightlife. And I must say it did not disapoint!