Slow grey saturday morning

It’s weekend again and the weather that has been truly terrible lately is supposed to get colder and brighter. If the forecast is right this will be lovely compared to the hail, sleet, rain and wind we’ve been getting, but looking out my window it’s just looking grey. If you think that I’m commenting on the weather over here a lot I probably am, I’ve been told that we Norwegians are above average concerned with the weather, so being a Norwegian I just keeping up with our culture 😉 I guess this is probably due to the fact that the weather has always had a huge impact on Norway’s prominent industries (from fishing and farming to oil) and the fact that the weather can make it difficult to get around to some of the more remote places in our long mountain filled country here in the north.

Looking out the window, it's going to be a grey sort of day
Looking out the window, it’s going to be a grey sort of day

This weekend I have decided to give in to the large pile of laundry in my basket and I need to do a lot of tidying and cleaning around the apartment. Just taking a look around the place it’s very clear that I’ve been neglecting this for a little too long. But as they said in a commercial here in Norway a few years ago the weekend is not only about “should have’s” so Tweety and I agreed that a slow start to the day was required.

Tweety and me having a slow morning
Tweety and me having a slow morning


11 thoughts on “Slow grey saturday morning

  1. Perhaps it is universal. We live in sunny Southern California and we are obsessed with the weather! The possibility of rain will have the weather forecasters talking for hours about the what ifs and what might happen. Actual rain will take us into a tailspin. The wind will disrupt life as we know it! (At least for the moment.) 😯

    1. Well, maybe it’s because the weather is one thing that affects us all and that we don’t have any possibility to control. So that might be why it’s so universal. Nice to hear how the weather obsession is in other parts of the world.

      1. I’ve always enjoyed that. And one of the things I love about the bloging community is that it makes coumunicating to people in different parts of the world and within different cultures and age groups.

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