Springtime is here
Springtime is here

Spring is here, even if it’s a bit cold outside when the sun isn’t out I can say for sure that it has arrived. Some of the early flowers has started to come out and when the sun is out it gives of nice warmth and loads up your vitamin D storage. It’s amazing to feel the sun on your face and it just makes you happy.

Nice sunshiny day
Nice sunshiny day

This weekend started with a great house-warming for some friends. Good food, great people and good fun! Saturday the weather was lovely and I spent the first part of it outside enjoying the sunshine. Went for a good walk and just soaked in the sun and looked at all the signs of spring that was popping up all around.

A nice little brook bobbling with life
A nice little brook bubbling with life

Afterwards we went to a pub called the Irishman to go check out the last round of Rugby in the Six Nations tournament. It was an extremely existing round and it all came down to score difference because Ireland, Wales and England had the same amount of points from their earlier games and all of them beat their opposition last night. Ireland’s difference was the largest in the end and they emerged victorious. It was so exiting and fun!

Ducks swimming
Ducks swimming

Today I’m going to play a concert and make food for quite a few youths that are attending a youth band my band are arranging for this weekend.

23 thoughts on “Springtime!

  1. I simply cannot wait for Spring weather any more than I have already I am in the country up north and we have been having snow flakes/showers daily since Sunday. Oh, how I miss Zambia on such days 🙂

    1. We had a little bit of snow here as well today, but nothing that stayed. In other parts of the country it’s a whole different story. They have loads of snow for easter.

  2. I think there is something wrong with me. I love all the seasons. Spring and Autumn are my favorites though. Summer is hard when it gets really hot and winter is cozy but not enough sunshine. Spring is a volatile season though with a mix of all kinds of weather. Glad you are getting to enjoy the sun even for a bit. Yay Spring!

  3. I love the picture of the brook. When I lived in Minnesota, I could finally believe winter was ending when I started to hear running water–which was usually the icicles melting from our roofs.

  4. Good morning. I clicked over from Susie’s blog party and even though I already follow you I just thought I would mention that I saw you there. This is a beautiful post…I think you have seen in mine that I rave about spring. I like your comment above “All seasons has their charm, but spring seems to be the one I long for the most.” That is how I feel also.

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