Stavanger Botanical Garden

Stavanger Botanical Garden

Stavanger Botanical Garden

In the same area as the Ullandhaug Tower and Iron Age Farm I wrote about in my previous post is Stavanger’s Botanical garden.

Lovely garden

Lovely garden

I like to walk here sometimes to look at the lovely flowers and plants they have. The garden is not very big but it’s lovely to combine a walk here with a walk in the woods close to the tower. And I do enjoy looking at the lovely flowers in summertime and the herb garden is quite nice.

A little hut where you can seek cover should the rain start to pour!

A little hut where you can seek cover should the rain start to pour!

Upon entering the garden the first thing I noticed was a stroller with a sleeping baby and I could not see anyone around that was not just jogging by on the forest path. I started looking around a little afraid someone had left the stroller there but quickly saw a guy with a net close by who confirmed this was his baby. After that I ran into two elderly ladies looking for a pair of sunglasses. As it turned out the lady had them on her head…..

Garden with student accommodation in background

Garden with student accommodation in background

The garden is also right next to the University of Stavanger and Ullandhaug Organic Farm where I stopped for ice cream on my way from the garden to see a friend. The farm has a great shop with only ecological products many of them are local.

Inca lillies

Inca lilies

Even if this summer isn’t great weather wise here in Stavanger we need to enjoy it as best we can. And visiting favourite spots in the local area on my walks is a great alternative to going to the beach when the temperatures are around 10-14 degrees Celsius. This summer has not at all been like last year.


14 thoughts on “Stavanger Botanical Garden

  1. The garden sounds beautiful and your description of the lady looking for her glasses when they where on her head all the time made me laugh! Kevin

  2. This is lovely. I was hoping you’d share more about the farm. Hugs!

  3. Aquileana says:

    Absolutely beautiful…. Have a wonderfu week ahead! Aquileana ⭐

  4. mommermom says:

    Ha ha! Sounds like something I would do- looking for something that was right there with me all the time. Good to know I’m not alone and it happens to people all over the world.😄

  5. Allie P. says:

    Glad you found the baby’s parent

    • masgautsen says:

      I was very glad about that too! The little while when we were unsure if he belonged to someone close by was heartbreaking. The relief when the man said it was his was good. He was close by all the time, we just didn’t see him.

  6. vanbushel says:

    This looks beautiful. I like gardens and flowers. I watched a video of Stavanger and it looks like a beautiful place. I love the coloured houses too. 🙂
    Inca lillies in Norway? 🙂 I imagined those flowers all over South America! lol 🙂

  7. Looks very peaceful! 🙂

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