Easter in Ireland 2016 Part 6: St. Stephen’s Green

Shopping Centre

When I was in Dublin I arranged to meet a friend who lives there and as we had agreed to meet up at St. Stephen’s Green I took the opportunity to look around the shops and the park.

Lovely park

I enjoyed the area and my friend and I had a great time in one of the pubs nearby where we consumed good beer and food. There are plenty of people around the shops and in the area, but it seemed that there wasn’t so many tourists in the pubs in the area. I might have been lucky or all of them was in the Temple Bar area.

Flowers reminding us that it's spring!

Being home again and back to work I can look back on a lovely time in beautiful Ireland. But as much as I enjoyed my trip it’s also good to be home and back to work and everyday life.

Dublin's wall of fame

25 thoughts on “Easter in Ireland 2016 Part 6: St. Stephen’s Green

  1. I loved the glass ceilings in the shopping area and the park looks lovely. Looks like everyone wants a bit of outdoor time. Going away does always make home so much sweeter and oddly enough, most of us love routine even if it is work. I’m trusting the new job is still a good fit since you are glad to be back at it.

  2. Phew > Dublin looks amazing. Lovely park and could definitely shop all day in that arcade. I like the way we can click on your photos and they enlarge btw. Nice touch!

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