Wedding in Sauda

Sauda fjordhotell

I was a maid of honour at my friends wedding last weekend. The wedding took place at an old hotell in a small place called Sauda. The hotell is located in beautiful suroundings and we were lucky enough to get a room facing the fjord.

View from the hotell

Sauda is a place locateded deep in a fjord and it has quite a beautiful scenary. The town itself is built largely around a big smelting factory of old that is still running today. As you can see from the photos the mountains by the fjord are quite tall and on the night of the wedding the first snow of the year came down on the highest mountains.

One of the places we stopped to take photos

It was a beautiful day for the wedding and we there was loads of fun, tears and laughter. Good food and good company. All the guests and the Bride and Groom seemed very happy. 

Close-up of the flowers


Summer Vacation Time!

Looking forward to enjoying food like this is Italy!

Looking forward to enjoying food like this is Italy!

It’s soon time for me to go on a summer vacation. This year I’m off to Tuscany Italy. A good friend of mine is getting married down there and we’re starting the vacation by attending. I’m really looking forward to enjoying the nice weather, lovely food, wine, good friends and warm sunny weather. After that we’re staying some time just relaxing just seeing what the days will bring of goodness. Warmth, sun, and relaxing is so needed right now.The flight doesn’t leave until Thursday evening, but I’ve been looking forward to this for so long I’ve been ready for quite some time and I’ve gone into holiday mode even it I still have a few days left at work. I’ve always wanted to go to Italy but I have never been there before now, so I’m extra excited about going. Especially since I have some ancestors that was from Italy.

So this weekend was supposed to be used for washing clothes and tidying the apartment, but it’s a slow process. Last night I was out with a friend for a few beers and enjoyed the fact that the temperature is finally getting comfortable here in the cold north. And as I am in vacation mode things are going quite slowly and I like it!


Yesterday the day of my friends’ wedding finally arrived. I woke up early and went to join the bride at the hairdresser. We sat there talking and having a good time as the bride had her hair and make-up done. The dress was amazing and suited her very well.

Dress waiting for the bride.

Dress waiting for the bride.

After that we were ready for church. As the prest was the brother of the groom his sermon was very personal and the whole ceremony was just like the couple wanted it and there was hardly a dry eye in the church. The singing bit went fine as well.

The bride had made her own buqet

The bride had made her own bouquet

The bride is a creative girl and had made her own bouquet for the occasion. She had also made all the decorations they had at the party. And it looked splendid. The food was excellent, the wine was good, none of the speeches where to long and the mood at the party was extremely good. Everyone was happy and it looked like everyone had a good time! The happy couple was satisfied with everything and it showed. Sadly I have no pictures of the wedding cake, but it looked amazing and tasted great. This was made and decorated by the bride, her mother and sister. Some people are just good at most things.

My seat :)

My seat 🙂

Wedding soon

Creativity and relaxing potion!

Creativity and relaxing potion!

Yes, you did see what you thought you did. I’m enjoying a glass of wine, on a thursday. Shocking I know, but as I must have a look at the speech I’m giving at my friend’s wedding this weekend it helps me get creative. And it also helps me relax a little, even if I’m not the one getting married there are quite a few things you need to get right when you are a maid of honor. But today, after rehearsing the song I’m singing in church, I finally feel like I’m beginning to get control of things. This feeling will probably disappear soon enough as I remember something I’ve forgotten, but for now I just want to enjoy it.

I’m going to check my speech and then I’m going to get a book from my pile of unread books that I really need to get started on, to get some peace of mind and if I feel like it I’m going to move a few things in my apartment to pretend I’m tidying. With getting a lot done at work, rehearsing with the pianist and visiting my parents I really feel like I’ve had a good day. Maybe even a great one 🙂