On the buss ride home from work today the buss pulled over just before going on to the motorway, to let a police car pass. It then got stuck and nearly fell over. We evacuated the buss and was picked up by another.


Finally it is friday and weekend! To day I’ve been invited to a friend for dinner and “the voice”.  As this friend is very good at making food I’m very much looking forward to this. As for the TV show I have only watched half an episode of this season, but I assume that since… Continue reading Weekend

Bad day

Yesterday was good. I had a very nice evening with my dad, food was good, appartement tidy the football could have been better, but was fun all the same. By now you might be wondering why the headline and content of this post seems to not correlate. Don’t worry, I promise you the rest of… Continue reading Bad day

Fathers day

Today is the norwegian fathers day. A day to show your dad how much you appreciate him. As I love my dad very much I decided to invite him over for dinner and to watch football with me. Some people actually enjoy my company, so it’s not considered a punishment.

I’m making lasagna and baking buns. With vanilla cream and blueberry and raspberry jam, in the buns not the lasagna. As I’m not very good at baking (it usually tastes really good, but looks horrible) I’m quite proud that I at least tried. Also it’s the first time I’ve tried to bake in my new oven and had no idea how this would turn out. As I’m told ictures are important on a blogI’m adding some to show you how I bake. I should warn you I’m not a glamourous baker…

Baking and stuff
Baking and stuff
Jam and vanilla being added
Jam and vanilla being added

In the next part of the process I it a little snag as I forgot to set the timer as I put the buns in the oven… But they turned out quite nice all the same.

I know they don't look like something you can buy in a shop but I don't really mind
I know they don’t look like something you can buy in a shop but I don’t really mind

So now I’ll just have to set the table, make a salad and put the bread and lasagna in the oven and hope for the best! And not to forget, I’ll need to change in to something that is not covered in food 😉 Hopefully I’ll be ready in time for my guest is arriving.

Photos from home 2

When I first moved in to my apartement it was quite unpersonal  and actually tidy.

When I moved in

Now that I have lived here a while it’s starting to feel more like home. But with that comes a lot of mess, me being how I am.

More personal an homy livingroom.
More personal an homy livingroom.

I like it better this way. Now all I need is a new lamp. But as I have problems finding out what I want I’ll just have to stick to the candles.

Thank goodness I tidied up a bit in my livingroom this morning as I got a spontaneus visit from a friend. I also need to tidy up the rest of my apartement as my dad’s coming over for dinner here on the norwegian father’s day tomorrow. Having guests over is really a great way of actually getting you’re place tidy and clean. I should have them more often.